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Aleada Consulting offers expert-driven, customized privacy and data protection strategies and operational support from the heart of Silicon Valley. As a women- and minority-owned company, we take pride in our diverse team. We are experts in compliance, auditing, privacy, information security, technology, and project management.

how we support you

we seamlessly integrate privacy and data protection into every aspect of business operations

Whether you need extra arms and legs (and brains!) or want us to function as an extension of your in-house privacy and data protection team, we are your people. Here is how we do it.

seamless integration with your business

We pride ourselves on harmonious collaboration with clients. We begin our work by integrating with your internal teams and tools to understand your specific needs. We continue with customizing our approach to fit your circumstances and achieve success. We finish our work with a tailored solution that exceeds your expectations, aligns with your goals, and protects your customers, partners, and shareholders.

Aleada Consulting professionals engaged in a panel discussion on privacy and data protection solutions, marking five years of GDPR, reflecting expertise and thought leadership in the field.

global privacy & data protection challenges

Our expertise is global and goes beyond privacy and data protection. We stay up to date with the latest trends, technologies, and emerging privacy and data protection concerns worldwide. With our proactive solutions, we will mitigate your risk before it materializes, ensuring your worldwide operations and strategies remain robust and relevant.

Group of diverse Aleada Consulting team members enjoying a team-building event outdoors, showcasing the company's commitment to privacy and data protection solutions in a relaxed, social setting.

leaving lasting impact

We foster a culture of creativity and exploration, encouraging our team and clients to think about privacy and data protection creatively. Our dedicated team is passionate about optimizing processes, developing breakthrough products, or implementing cutting-edge technologies to drive your long-term success.


Voices of Trust
Hear from some of those who have experienced Aleada's unmatched privacy and data protection expertise.

Aleada’s technological literacy is through the roof. They excel in their ability to understand our business and our needs.

Nathana Sharma
General Counsel, Labelbox

The difference between Aleada and the big consultancies? When you go with a larger company, there might be one or two privacy experts who often delegate the work. When you hire Aleada, you get a team of experienced privacy professionals. You’re not fobbed off to junior folks who are just getting their feet wet.

Ravi Inthiran
Compliance and Privacy Officer, Ripple

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