Alya Franklin on JupiterOne's Newest Book: "Reinventing Cybersecurity"

January 15, 2024
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Alya Franklin on JupiterOne's Newest Book: "Reinventing Cybersecurity"

Date written: May 4, 2022

Cybersecurity leaders have come together to share their experiences about forging a new industry path in the book "Reinventing Cybersecurity". This collection of stories, curated by our colleagues at JupiterOne, comes from a diverse group of female and non-binary security experts and authors:

  • Alison Gianotto - Creator of Snipe-IT
  • Amy Devers - Chief of Staff, Executive Director, People Operations at JupiterOne
  • Angela Marafino - Customer Product Manager at Microsoft
  • Aubrey Stearn - CTO
  • Breanne Boland - Product Security Engineer at Gusto
  • Carla Sun - Security Engineer at Gusto
  • Carlota Sage - vCISO at Fractional CISO
  • Coleen Shane - Senior Network Security Engineer
  • Jasmine Henry - Field Security Director at JupiterOne
  • Joyous Huggins - Founder of Defender Academy
  • Latha Maripuri - CISO at Uber
  • Lisa Hall - CISO at Color
  • Lonye Ford - CEO at ARLO Solutions
  • Dr. Meg Layton - Security Architecture and Engineering at Children's National Hospital
  • Rachel Harpley - Talent Advisor - InfoSec, IT Security and Cybersecurity
  • Rin Oliver - Software Engineer at US Bank
  • Tracy Bannon - Senior Principal/ Software Architect & DevOps Advisor at MITRE
  • Yvie Djieya - Cybersecurity Assurance and Risk Analyst at JupiterOne

Intended for those with any and all levels of security proficiency, the central theme and insightful voices are bound motivate. See what Aleada Consulting's Partner and Co-Founder, Alya Franklin, had to say about the book here. Get your copy of “Reinventing Cybersecurity” for free on JupiterOne.

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