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we are an extension of your organization, where we seamlessly integrate privacy and data protection into your operations

Our differentiator lies in our adaptive approach. Aleada blends people, processes, and cutting-edge technologies. We expertly navigate the ever-evolving landscape of privacy and data protection, while fostering continuous innovation. For us, privacy and data protection transcend mere compliance protocol; they are the bedrock of our unwavering commitment to safeguarding and growing your valuable assets.

Candid moment capturing the Aleada Consulting founders and their families, embodying the company's core values of connection and care alongside their dedication to privacy and data protection solutions.

The Power Trio: professional bonds & friendship

The trio of professional collaboration rapidly transformed into a deep-seated friendship. The three women, bound by their shared passion and expertise, became an indomitable team both in and out of the workplace.

aleada’s journey

serendipitous meeting

In 2013, Aleada's 3 co-founders, Alya Franklin, Elena Elkina, and Kenesa Ahmad, formed a professional bond and friendship through industry events. They also collaborated professionally by building a global privacy program for a Fortune 5 company, and then co-founding the non-profit organization Women in Security and Privacy (WISP) with four other professionals in 2014. Recognizing the expansive nature of privacy and data protection, they established Aleada Consulting in 2016.

Aleada was formed with a goal to build a culture and flexible work environment based on our values and a passion for privacy and technology innovation while promoting diversity, entrepreneurship, and inspiring the next generation of leaders in privacy and data protection.

aleada today

Today, at Aleada, we embody innovation, champion diversity, and empower organizations to confidently adapt to the evolving landscape of privacy and data protection. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering unparalleled solutions that empower organizations to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of privacy and data protection.

industries we work with

aleada works with fast-growth and mature companies to build privacy, data protection, and product compliance programs
We partner with law firms; general counsels; and privacy, information security, compliance, risk management, and data governance professionals in fast-growth and mature companies to build privacy, data protection, and product compliance programs. From fast-growing startups to Fortune 5 global organizations, our diverse client portfolio exemplifies our ability to deliver tailored solutions for any stage of growth.
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dos and don'ts

We are the bridge between your legal team and business operations!

We do

Connect your business teams to your compliance/legal teams

Configure privacy technology, such as cookie settings

Set up and manage privacy tools for you, such as OneTrust modules

Translate legal requirements into practical, easy to understand and follow notices, policies, procedures that anyone - not just lawyers - can understand

We do not

Provide legal advice

Represent anyone in court

Submit legal filings

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