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At Aleada, we understand that one size does not fit all. Our strength lies in delivering tailored solutions for privacy and data protection. We work hand-in-glove with you to help wrangle privacy and data protection into your operations to keep your business safe and resilient while addressing your organization's unique challenges.

Privacy & Data Protection Program Development

Privacy & Data Protection Program Development

We take a holistic approach to design, implement, and manage comprehensive privacy and data protection programs. Our team takes a proactive approach to assess your risks, current maturity, and the nature of your business to build and implement a sustainable privacy and data protection program that fortifies your organization and drives innovation.

Common deliverables:

  • Personal data inventories & data maps
  • Data subject request processes & templates
  • Risk assessments & internal audits
  • External privacy & cookie notices
  • Internal privacy & information security policies, procedures, training
  • Metrics & monitoring
  • Roadmaps & frameworks
Product Enhancement

Product Enhancement

We seamlessly integrate privacy and data protection into your product's DNA, ensuring optimal functionality and adherence to privacy and data protection industry standards.

Common deliverables:

  • PIAs & TIAs
  • Cookie audits
  • Consent mechanism testing
  • Privacy by Design strategy
Compliance Tool Integration

Compliance Tool Integration

The right technology solutions can make privacy and data protection more manageable and efficient. Whether you are just embarking on your compliance tool deployment, or have an established tool that needs optimization, Aleada is here to help. We help you select the best-fit technology solutions for your organization and support you through set-up, integration, management, and scalability.

Common deliverables:

  • Privacy management software evaluation
  • Setup implementation
  • Data migration
  • System integration

recent projects

examples of projects tailored to meet the specific client needs.

We recognize that very few privacy projects fall neatly into one bucket. You may start building a privacy program and realize there is more work to be done, or simply have a project that hasn't quite taken shape yet. Our business model allows us to tailor our services to your needs, without rigid pricing structures or immutable project plans.

  • Create website trust center to communicate company’s privacy and data protection stance
  • Automate data subject request process to improve customer experience and ease operational burden
  • Conduct personal data inventories so the organization understands how it uses data, where the data is, and ways to strengthen its privacy and data protection practices
  • Create privacy program maturity model and roadmap showing mapping between privacy standards such as NIST, CCPA, and GDPR, with automated risk score calculations
  • Recommend practical and secure options for identity verification
  • Update privacy assessments language and logic to improve usability for stakeholders, leveraging the organization’s existing privacy management tools
  • Document tech teams’ privacy processes so the legal department can understand how engineers are implementing privacy concepts (e.g., Do Not Sell or Share, restrictions on processing sensitive personal data, data deletion, etc.

a Snapshot of our capabilities

privacy and data protection solutions for every aspect of your organization:
  • Demystification & Empowerment:Breaking down the complexities of privacy and data protection for every tier in your organization, from analysts to C Suite.
  • Consumer Experience:Embedding consumer privacy choices without disrupting business operations.
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment:Empowering marketing and sales teams to effectively target prospects, while meticulously adhering to strict regulatory requirements.
  • Product Strategy:Infusing privacy principles at every product development phase.
  • HR Safeguards:Protecting the privacy of employees and job applicants.
  • Audit Preparation:Assessing and promptly remediate your organizational gaps in data handling practices.
  • Geo-Strategy:Offering region-centric privacy and data protection insights for global expansion.
  • Pre-IPO, M&A Readiness:Planning and protecting your data during organizational changes.
  • Tech Evolution:Guiding the shift from dated tools to the latest, cutting-edge technologies.
  • Education & Awareness:Promoting a corporate culture that prioritizes personal data protection, fostering consumer trust, transparency, compliance, and gaining a stronger competitive advantage in the market.
  • Building Trust:Creating transparent website trust centers, viewing privacy and data protection as a strategic advantage.


Voices of Trust
Hear from some of those who have experienced Aleada's unmatched privacy and data protection expertise.

You need to know your limitations and when it’s time to bring in the experts. I was proud of the privacy program Aleada helped us build and implement leading up to the acquisition by SalesForce.

Rich Holmes
Corporate Counsel, SalesForce (current), General Counsel, MapAnything (previously)

I cannot overstate the value of bringing in external subject matter experts, especially if you have other day-to-day issues vying for your attention. Addressing privacy issues is not ‘one and done;’ privacy touches every aspect of the business, so it’s critical to bring a holistic perspective to the challenges. This is exactly what Aleada does.

Lisa Smith
Chief Privacy Officer, Clarivate

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