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We understand the importance of receiving excellent expert advice. That is why we have assembled a diverse group of industry leaders, visionaries, and professionals to serve as Aleada advisors. Our advisors bring a wealth of knowledge from various industries to help our clients succeed.

Dr. Chenxi Wang
Managing General Partner
Rain Capital
Michelle Finneran Dennedy
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan
Chief Technology Officer
Aura Labs
Konrad Alt
Partner and Co-founder
Klaros Group


Voices of Trust
Hear from some of those who have experienced Aleada's unmatched privacy and data protection expertise.

You need to know your limitations and when it’s time to bring in the experts. I was proud of the privacy program Aleada helped us build and implement leading up to the acquisition by SalesForce.

Rich Holmes
Corporate Counsel, SalesForce (current), General Counsel, MapAnything (previously)

I cannot overstate the value of bringing in external subject matter experts, especially if you have other day-to-day issues vying for your attention. Addressing privacy issues is not ‘one and done;’ privacy touches every aspect of the business, so it’s critical to bring a holistic perspective to the challenges. This is exactly what Aleada does.

Lisa Smith
Chief Privacy Officer, Clarivate

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